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ChatGPT's account banning review and summary

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This round of banning on the 26th also had a slight impact, so I am writing a blog post to record it.


Process for this incident: The account that was banned this time was registered in March (I forgot the IP address used during registration, but the email was foxmail). I purchased the Plus subscription at the end of last month, using an IP address from Japan (after multiple attempts with different IP addresses, I finally succeeded with a Japanese IP). I used a virtual card generated by wise in the English region (it belongs to a legitimate bank and is under my name), and the billing address is in Montana, USA (I chose this address because it is tax-free). For daily use, I used the warp Germany IP. I only used the web version of ChatGPT and have not used the iOS version. (When using it, I have already redirected OpenAI-related domain rules). The API was also bound using the same card, with a US IP address and the same billing address in Montana. On the 26th, I received a refund email and then found that my account was banned and the API could not be used.

Summary: There is no strong correlation between payment and the card used. With the same card, I was able to successfully make payments after trying different IP addresses, and the same situation occurred when binding the API. This should confirm that it is a risk control issue caused by IP addresses. One of the official risk control tips is: "You are attempting to create an account using a VPN." Looking back, I did have some confusion, which clearly met the risk control criteria, but I still wrote an appeal email (generated by ChatGPT, emphasizing personal rights and the daily use of the account).

Follow-up actions: Although I don't expect to be unbanned, yesterday I tried for the whole afternoon (using a UK IP address, registering a new account with a UK phone number and domain email, and using a UK physical card and a UK residential address), but I still couldn't purchase Plus for the new account. I even tried using a US broadband IP, but still no success. Instead, it felt like being taken advantage of due to its price.

Outcome: My current mood is worse than when I first experienced internet censorship years ago. I feel very powerless, and this incident ended in a disastrous defeat in the war between two major countries...

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